Curious about condiments huh?
Then it’s time to play: What's that sauce?
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Is kind of like liquid Vegemite.
Is most likely its own food group.
Probably knows the Queen.
Yes there will probably be residue. Yes it’s probably anchovies. Deal with it.
Not to be confused with #worsteveryear
Because sometimes old people just know what’s good.
Doesn’t know all caps is a bit shouty.
Can be kept in either the pantry or fridge, but prefers the company of mustards, relishes and pickles.
Was pretty happy when Pirates of the Caribbean brought frilly shirts back into fashion.
Comes from a shire so loved by hobbits.
Can really do a number on cream shag pile carpet.
Makes eating oysters less like eating boogers.
Would like to see more mascot diversity in the condiment aisle.
Is pretty much the perfect post-hipster Father’s Day present.
Knows that real sauce is poured by the drop.
Is pretty sure you’re going to get it soon.
And really hopes you reconnect with your dad/grandpa and/or grandma/great uncle/elderly neighbour over a bottle.
Let’s lift the lid off this baby …
Where to buy?